The true cost of comic sans

The True Cost of Comic Sans and Other Printing Peculiarities.

Printer ink is ludicrously expensive. Chanel No5 costs $1,600/liter while printer ink costs $4,285/liter. Pixart took a look at some […]

HTML and CSS Love Song

(yo)U & I – The HTML and CSS Love Song

Dani the Girl combined her two loves and wrote a love song using HTML and CSS

Landor Associates Design World Trade Center Logo

The World Trade Center has a new logo designed by Landor Associates, a corporate identity firm that has branded big names like FedEx, BP, and Smirnoff Vodka.

Orange Is The New Black Illustrated

Some of my favorite lines from Orange Is The New Black… Illustrated.

Junior Fritz Jacquet

Used Toilet Paper Rolls Become Amusing Origami Faces

Junior Fritz Jacquet experiments with bending, twisting and folding toilet paper rolls into contorted and amusing faces.

GrandArmy Rebrands USPS

GrandArmy developed a total re-design of the USPS in-store experience.

Iconic Designer: Saul Bass

Some of my favorite creations from iconic designer Saul Bass.

Featured Font: Breuer Text

Breuer Text is a simple geometric sans with relaxed curves and slightly condensed proportions suitable for moderate lengths of body copy.