Car Porn: Volvo Concept Universe

This video presents Concept Universe – the new design study from Volvo, and features Volvo’s chief designer Jonathan Disley explaining his vision for this car. Swoon.

Rules of a Creatives LIfe

The rules of a creator’s life

This speaks to all creators—whether you’re a web designer, css guru, UI dev, or a traditional artist. Rules to live by.

ZOMG Wallpaper

Hexstatic Wallpapers

Geometric patterns and experimental color combinations as wallpapers for iPhone and desktops.

iOS5 Tip: Use Siri to Find Friends

Do you use Find My Friends? If so, you can ask Siri to locate nearby friends simply by saying ‘find… Read more »

Historically Hardcore

Created by artist Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kappler as a school project. The fake ads which originally featured a prominent museum became so popular, the museum forced them to remove their logo and name.

Join the Regulars: A True Story with Masks

1940s Kellogg’s advertisement about constipation.

Holiday Wallpapers

Holiday inspired wallpapers and goodies. More coming soon.

Damask Wallpapers

Selection of damask-inspired wallpapers in a variety of colors.

New Orleans Saints Wallpapers

I’m no fan of football, but more than enough friends are. Mostly, they all seem to be Saints fans. So, this one’s for the Who Dat Nation… Or whatever it’s called.

F*ck You. Pay Me.

Mike Monteiro, Design Director, and co-founder of Mule Design Studio (, speaks about getting paid for your work.