Hilarious: Fotoshop by Adobé

Jesse Rosten’s hilarious commercial speaks volume’s about society’s beauty standards. Photographers, beauty industry folks, and designers should appreciate this. This… Read more »

Rules of a Creatives LIfe

The rules of a creator’s life

This speaks to all creators—whether you’re a web designer, css guru, UI dev, or a traditional artist. Rules to live by.

ZOMG Wallpaper

Hexstatic Wallpapers

Geometric patterns and experimental color combinations as wallpapers for iPhone and desktops.

Historically Hardcore

Created by artist Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kappler as a school project. The fake ads which originally featured a prominent museum became so popular, the museum forced them to remove their logo and name.

Compassionate Graphic Design Leads to Disaster Porn

Have we as humans become so narcissistic and self-involved that we can’t even give to those in need without expecting something in return?

Lily Vanilli Cakes

Lily Vanilli’s Bloody Valentine’s Cake

Tthe UK-based Queen of Cake Cool, Lily Vanilli and her scarily realistic anatomical heart beauties complete with delicious blackcurrant and cherry blood.