Searching Google Plus Profiles and Posts

Searching for posts and interesting profiles on Google Plus is not easy, but it’s possible. Here are two tips to help you find users that share interests with you or posts about a particular subject. I’ve also added a Chrome hack to automate these searches.

Search Google Plus Posts

Use the power of Google Search to browse other Google Plus users’ public posts. Here’s the string you’ll need to put in Google: inurl:posts/ keyword

This tells Google to search with “/posts” in the URL and a specific keyword or key phrase.

You want to find posts about cute cats. Don’t we all? Here’s the string you’d put into Google: inurl:posts/ “cute cats”. Here are the results. Note: the quotes are only needed for key phrases. If the cuteness of the kitty is irrelevant, your search would be inurl:posts/ cats. Meow!

Find Google Plus Users with Similar Interests

I have a friend that has authored several books about tarot. He’s very interested in connecting with other folks into tarot.

Here’s the magic string.

This string searches Google Plus for profiles that mention tarot. It’s not precise, but it should satisfy your inner-voyeur.

To make this search about your favorite topic (knitting, naked scuba diving, planking, etc), change the keyword in the string and paste in your address bar.

Chrome Makes This Easy

With a few tweaks of Chrome’s settings, you can make searching for posts or profiles an easy task. With these tweaks, we’ll setup two, special search engines for Chrome that will allow you to stalk to your heart’s content.

To setup the two options, you’ll need to access Chrome’s settings (chrome://settings/searchEngines). Once you access the settings, you’ll input the info found below in the Other Search Engines area.

To enable search for Google Plus Posts

  • Column 1: G+ Posts
  • Column 2: post
  • Column 3: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

To enable search for Google Plus Profiles

  • Column 1: G+ Profiles
  • Column 2: profile
  • Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

Once you’ve had an opportunity to make these changes, you can search in the Chrome address bar by typing “post” or “profile”, then press [tab] key and enter the keyword to search. If you want something more memorable than “post” or “profile”, you can personalize Column 1 and Column 2 for each type of search.

Give it a test and begin stalking. Remember, it rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.