Post from Google Plus to Twitter

Google Plus to Twitter

I was thinking about the many ways you can post to Twitter and remembered email is one of them. Then, I recalled that Google Plus allows you to share a post to an email address. So, why not connect the two via email? I did. Most importantly, it works.

Here’s a quick tip that allows you to post from Google Plus to Twitter. Note: this only works with text-based updates. This will not work with shared or re-shared images or videos at the moment.

We’ll safely assume you have a Google Plus and Twitter account. Why else would you be reading this?

Next, you’ll need to sign-up for Twitter Counter. Twitter Counter gives great statistics about your Twitter account, but, most importantly, it has Twittermail which allows  you to post to Twitter by email.

Once you’ve signed up for Twitter Counter, youl have the option to setup Twittermail. Twittermail gives you a special email address where you send your tweets. It’s a long, random set of alphanumeric characters. Grab that email address and head to Google Plus.

In Google Plus, setup a new Circle and name it Twitter. Add the Twittermail email address to the Twitter Circle and name it Twitter.

Now, you can make a text-based post in Google Plus, add the Twitter Circle to the post (along with other Circles you wish to post). In a few seconds or minutes, you’ll see your status posted to Twitter.

You’re welcome.

Know of another Google+ workaround or hack? Share it below.