Plus Power: Become a Plus Power User

Sit down, Grasshoppah. It’s time to learn some desktop shortcuts and cheats to slice and dice your way through Google Plus. Be warned, these shortcuts will increase your sex appeal tenfold. Promise.*

Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Spacebar: scroll down Stream
  • Shift+Spacebar: scroll up Stream
  • Q: jump to Chat
  • J: Jump to next post in stream
  • K: Jump up one post
  • While using J or K you can:
    • Hit Return/Enter to post a comment in that thread. Once you’re done commenting, hit Tab and then Return to post the comment.

Comment or Post Options

There are many options and features you can use while posting a comment or a post. Here are a few.

Text formatting

Format your text using the following characters. Place special characters at the beginning and the end of a word you wish to treat.

  • *word* = word (bold)
  • _word_ = word (italic)
  • -word- = word (strike)

Bonus Options

  • You can add photos, links, and videos to a post or comment by dragging it to the text field.
  • You can “tag” others by putting + or @ before their name. (ex: +Yo Mamma).
  • Speaking of tagging others, you can spark a private conversation by ONLY tagging one person. If I want to talk to Yo Mamma, I could create a new post and direct it solely at +Yo Mamma. No one else will see the conversation.

Hopefully, this info will help you navigate G+ on your desktop. If you have other tips or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

*Claims about sex appeal are grossly exaggerated. In all actuality, your nerd-factor will exponentially increase while sex appeal may decrease or slightly increase at a comic convention.