Oh shit! Someone added me to a Circle.

“Oh shit! Someone added me to a Circle.” I’ve seen similar exclamations and expressions on Google Plus over the last few days. Generally followed by a panic of “What do I do now?”

It’s a valid concern with several options. In reality, the simplest answer is: don’t do a thing.

First, let’s clear something up. If someone adds you to their Circle and you do nothing, they aren’t privy to everything you post. They can only see what you post to the Public Circle. So, feel free to post that cute picture of your sweet, drooling baby to your Family and Close Friends Circles. Those Circles are the only ones that will see that chubby face covered in saliva. Your slobbery goodness is safe… Safe unless you post to the Public option.

So, what if someone Circles you and you think they seem interesting, funny, sexy, relevant, or [insert criteria here for sharing your personal life with a stranger]? You can add them to a Circle specifically for that type of person. In my case, they fall under Friends: Acquaintances or People: [Insert Category]. You might name the Circle Sexy Stalkers, Makes Me Pee My Pants Laughing, or I Don’t Know Him But I’m Working On It. Your Circle names will differ. After all, Plus puts you in control of how you share and with whom. If they really make you pee your pants and you like that, you can eventually drag them to your most cherished Circle: Baby Daddy or Baby Mama.

“Oh shit! My stalker Circled me!”

What if a psycho ex-lover or a rabid fan decides to Circle you. You may want to block them from seeing any content you publish. There’s an easy fix for that. Simply visit the page of the unnamed, crazy psycho, Alex, that boiled your rabbit and choose Block. The option is right there under their profile picture they took outside your bedroom window last night. With that done, you can publicly share that you’re “sitting in the loo” to the Public Circle and the stalker has no clue you’re in such a vulnerable position. Crisis averted! Pee in peace, please.

Now, wipe your brow, shake it off, and start encircling those sexy strangers on the Web. There’s rabbit stew to brew.