THePETEBOX covers MGMT’s “Kids”

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Not only is THePETEBOX one of the world’s finest human beatboxers, he has spent the past two years crafting a whole new approach to using his vocal dexterity to create music.

His performances are more similar to that of a full band as he builds each layer of his tracks live using a loop pedal to construct fully crafted songs. Audiences are taken on a journey of real-time music production which builds up and delivers a full frequency spectrum of sound, from deep bass, to high-pitched trumpets and multiple vocal harmonies – all made with his mouth!

Not only can he beatbox everything from dubstep to rock, Pete has a great voice. Swoon.

Here’s his latest video covering MGMT’s “Kids”. Worth. Every. Second.

Now, listen to him cover The Pixie’s “Where Is My Mind?” and you should be properly in love.