iPad as instrument: Gorillaz “The Fall”

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Gorillaz 'The Fall'

Gorillaz are known for their experimental approach to music and musical collaboration. Their latest release ‘The Fall’ is no exception. All tracks were written and performed by Gorillaz using the iPad and additional instruments: Korg Vocoder, Ukelele, Microkorg, Omnichord, Moog Voyager, Melodica, Guitar, Piano, Korg Monotron.

Recorded between Montreal and Vancouver over 32 days on the Gorillaz North American Tour 2010, the album delivers…

iPad Applications Used: Speak It!; SoundyThingie; Mugician; Solo Synth; Synth; Funk Box; Gliss; AmpliTube; Xenon; iElectribe; BS-16i; M3000 HD; Cleartune; iOrgel HD; Olsynth; StudioMiniXI; BassLine; Harmonizer; Dub Siren Pro; Moog Filatron.

The best part of all? You can listen for free. Hit the Gorillaz site to take a listen.

It’s one of my favorite Gorillaz release to date.