8 iPhone Apps I Use Daily

If you have an iPhone, chances are you have visited the new App Store on iTunes or on your iPhone. The App Store is an overwhelming place… Think iTunes Music Store for iPhone Apps and you’ll get the picture.

With almost 1000 Apps and more added daily, it’s hard to determine exactly what is worth it and what is not.

The apps I currently use include:

  • WordPress¬†- I was waiting for this app. Now that it is live, I’m working on overhauling my blog and portfolio for more live and mobile blogging. I always liked the idea of being a blogger, but was turned off by the idea of being tethered to a computer. Combine the WordPress app and the Twitter apps and you’re site is always in the loop.
  • Remote¬†- Apple’s Remote app is not a new concept. On my jailbroken/unlocked iPhone, I could control my iTunes player from anywhere in my house. With the official Remote, I have better integration with all shared libraries (even on my future Apple TV) on the network. It will make switching songs from my back yard much easier!
  • Shazam – This app allows you to record a few seconds of a song being played on a radio, movie, tv, etc and it attempts to tag the song. It’s been about 95% correct and I love it like Jagermeister.
  • Pandora – Delicious. Pandora is the perfect app. Some have dubbed it the Radio Killer because it feeds you music you want over the airwaves (no Wi-Fi necessary).
  • AIM – AOL’s AIM app is for everyone with an AIM account. Unfortunately, it’s rare that I feel the need to chat online. Still, this app would be far more useful if I did!
  • Twittelator – I’m new to Twitter. In a world of connectivity and all things “social” Twitter allows the world to see your random thoughts and tweets. Since it can be tied to your Facebook and WordPress, it is an efficient way to quickly post updates and ideas.
  • MySpace¬†– I’m a MySpace whore. I admit it. While Facebook has potential, its user-interface and user-friendliness are lacking. Plus, there’s all sorts of great bands on MySpace that can’t be found on Facebook.
  • iScopes – I’m a sucker for horoscopes. I don’t necessarily believe in astrology, but it never hurts to have some random tidbit of potentially useful information to ponder.