Photo of a monstera delicosa with a magenta background made for smartphone devices

Plant Wallpapers for iPhone

Some dramatic photos of house plants taken for iPhone wallpapers.

Orange Is The New Black Illustrated

Some of my favorite lines from Orange Is The New Black… Illustrated.

Junior Fritz Jacquet

Used Toilet Paper Rolls Become Amusing Origami Faces

Junior Fritz Jacquet experiments with bending, twisting and folding toilet paper rolls into contorted and amusing faces.

Compassionate Graphic Design Leads to Disaster Porn

Have we as humans become so narcissistic and self-involved that we can’t even give to those in need without expecting something in return?

Scissor Sisters’ Invisible Light video

A stunning video by director Nicolás Méndez for the Scissor Sisters’ Invisible Light. It’s sexy, sinister, and full of metaphors and references.

The Dirtbombs’ animated video for Sharevari

A great video for a down and dirty track by the Dirtbombs.