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A vista of a beach in Tulum, Mx from inside the jungle.

Essentials for a Riviera Maya Adventure: Akumal and Tulum

Planning a trip to the Riviera Maya, specifically Akumal and Tulum? If you’re like me, traveling from another country, you’ll… Read more »

Developer debugging code with ChatGPT assistance, highlighting structured problem-solving approach in a workspace setting.

Effective Debugging with ChatGPT: A Guide to Asking for Coding Help

Whether you’re a seasoned developer facing an unusual bug or a beginner learning to navigate the complexities of coding, asking… Read more »

Elevating Your WordPress Development in VS Code with IntelliSense and Linting

Elevating Your WordPress Game with IntelliSense and Linting If you use IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), the intelligent… Read more »

2015 Design and Development Trends

Ten Web Design/Development Trends for 2015

Design trends come and go. Many design trends are useful and beneficial while others are purely form over function. These are some design trends I expect during 2015.

Mobile is now. Is your business ready?

In the last year, there has been a 67% increase in global mobile Internet use. Your online customer is interfacing with your brand and business through a mobile phone or tablet. Your online presence should take that into account.

Join the Regulars: A True Story with Masks

1940s Kellogg’s advertisement about constipation.