Rest in peace, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs / 1955-2011
Steve Jobs / 1955-2011

For some, their icons are rockstars, writers, or actors… For me, Steve Jobs is that kind of icon—a rockstar.

As an adopted child and a college drop out, Mr. Jobs opened a whole world of possibilities for me with his personal story. We shared adoption and drop-out status and that shaped me in ways I can’t describe. We also shared a love for technology… Not just technology, but how technology can—and should—make people’s lives easier. There’s also those shared Buddhist ideals and experimentation with psychedelics. Indeed, it feels like my path and Steve’s share similar milestones and that’s why I revere him so much.

His life reminds me:

  • to “stay hungry and stay foolish”
  • to stop living other people’s dreams
  • that you can achieve your goals without some silly piece of paper claiming you’re an expert in some field
  • that it’s all about your passion and drive—the keys to your own success
  • that a supportive family, whether of blood or bond, is valuable and nourishing.

Steve, you are my rock star and icon.

You changed me and the world for the better. You will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, friend.