iBiz – Keeping The Freelance Biz Organized

iBiz is the perfect OSX freelance billing app.
iBiz is the perfect OSX freelance billing app.
There comes a time in any freelance designer’s life when s/he needs to pay attention to billable time, invoices, and clients. While OSX includes iCal, Address book, and Mail, it’s not enough for multiple clients and time-keeping. Enter¬†iBiz!

iBiz offers:

  • seamless iCal and Address Book synchronization/integration. Those important contacts are now universally accessible from your Mac and your iPhone (or synch-able mobile).
  • project and task tracking.
  • invoice templates.
  • estimates.
  • automated time-tracking.
  • integration with iBank (another great app from IGG Software).
  • and so much more.

That’s top-level. Visit the iBiz site for all the glorious details!